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Hybrid Carbon Footprinting analysis will help you reach your carbon reduction and sustainability objectives through your organisation’s procurement activities. It combines both Input-Output and Process models for a quick and accurate analysis of your environmental impact. These measurements will identify key cost savings by using more environmentally friendly methods for your business processes.

Hybrid Carbon Footprint

CO2A Hybrid Carbon Footprint
Helping you reach your carbon reduction

CO2A Hybrid Carbon Footprint is revolutionising the calculations of product carbon footprints. Suppliers are under increasing pressure to provide buyers with information on the sustainability of their products, with 29% of public sector procurement managers already excluding any suppliers without the 'green' credentials they're seeking (, June 2012) and over 90% asserting it's a "top three consideration" on every purchase alongside price and functionality.

As a result of our partnership with the Centre of Sustainable Accounting (CenSA), we have been able to carbon footprint over 4 million commonly-purchased items and automated the process for calculating more.

That means we can produce results fast and at a price that represents an industry breakthrough: from just £4 per item.

Hybrid Carbon Footprint