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Hybrid Carbon Footprinting is a more accurate method of calculating carbon footprints for products, services and organisations. It combines both Input-Output and Process models for a more detailed analysis of your environmental impact. Co2Analysis has automated this additional work using its award winning artificial intelligence.  These measurements will identify key cost savings by improving efficiency and using more environmentally friendly methods for your business processes.

Hybrid Carbon Footprint

CO2Analysis Hybrid Carbon Footprint
Helping you deliver carbon reduction

Hybrid Carbon Footprints are proven to be the most accurate way of calculating product carbon footprints. 50% more accurate than standard Lifecycle Analysis. The hybrid method combines the standard product breakdown in lifecycle analysis but removes the boundary taking into account all the other impacts through economic modeling and cross checking the results against the economic models.  It allows for the calculation of service carbon footprints which are over 70% of most major economies.  Thanks to award winning Artificial Intelligence from Co2Analysis it is now fast and affordable.

Initially Co2Analysis in partnership with the Centre of Sustainable Accounting (CenSA), was able to carbon footprint over 4 million commonly-purchased items by 2011 in 2023 we have over 64 million items where we have estimated their carbon footprint.

This means that no matter your product or service we already have a good understanding of its likely carbon footprint and can quickly establish the carbon footprint of all your inputs to get an accurate and complete product carbon footprint for either all or just your key products and services.

Hybrid Carbon Footprint