Carbon Offsetting

Carbon Offset

@UK PLC calculates the carbon footprint of all purchases through the marketplace, and then allows either the supplier or the buyer to voluntarily offset the purchase.

If the buyer is public sector and chooses to offset the transaction then the offset should be via the Public Sector Offsetting scheme.  The current pricing and details for the public sector are available at  The Department of Energy and Climate change site .

The public sector rate set in the most recent eAuction on 23 June 2010 was £ 12.21 per CER.

For individual and private sector offsets, then either a CER or a Voluntary offset can be used.  There are a very large range of offsets available, and your offset is given the UKPLC Charity, who then either fund a project or make a donation to an offset program, to simplify administration the current public sector rate is used to calculate the value of all offsets, because the actual costs of an offsetting program can vary, it may be that UKPLC Charity achieves a higher or lower level of offset in the final result.

As an individual your offset may be eligible for Gift aid, and UKPLC Charity will reclaim gift aid provided you give your permission and confirm that you are eligible.

Carbon Offsetting programs

@UK PLC manage a certified offsetting program for all carbon footprint customers.  There is no charge for this for items that are sold via the @UK PLC marketplace.  Customers that wish to have certified offsetting for any sales outside the @UK PLC marketplace, will need to have their sales audited.  This can be via a quarterly datafile to be provided at the same time as the organisations VAT report, and along with the VAT report, so that the two files can be reconciled electronically.  The charge for auditing against the vat report is £ 50 per quarter.